The prosecution decided not to seek an arrest warrant for Jang Young-ha, who was arrested on charges of spreading false information under the Public Official Election Act.

The Seoul Central District Prosecutor's Office decided not to request an arrest warrant for Jang, judging that there is no risk of destruction of evidence or escaping.

Earlier on the 8th, the anti-corruption and public crime investigation team of the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency arrested lawyer Jang Young-han, who raised the allegation that Rep. Jae-myung Lee was involved in a gangster, on charges of publicizing false facts and defamation.

An arrest warrant was issued for lawyer Jang while he had been disobeying the police's request for subpoena.

It is known that the police applied for an arrest warrant because they saw that the charges related to the arrested lawyer Jang were proved through statements of Park Chul-min, the main character of the bundle of money, and the people around him.

Attorney Jang, who was arrested as the prosecution did not request an arrest warrant this time, was placed in a non-detention state.

Attorney Jang has been acting as a legal representative for Cheol-Min Park, an activist of the International Mafia, a gang active in Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do.

In October of last year, lawyer Jang delivered the story to Rep. Kim Yong-pan, the People's Strength, that during the presidential election phase, Lee received money on condition of giving business preferential treatment to the international mafia aides at the time when he was serving as mayor of Seongnam.

However, the photo of Park Chul-min's bundle of money released during this process was confirmed to be unrelated to the allegations, which caused controversy.

The Democratic Party reported Park and Jang to the prosecution, and the police raided the Suwon Detention Center where Park was imprisoned and the office of Attorney Chang.