The Instagram application is undergoing profound change.

Its leader, Adam Mosserie, announced that the company was going to experiment with a new feature related to photography.

The images will soon be able to be displayed in full screen, in 9:16 format, like the videos of the Reels mode.

The tests should begin within "one to two weeks", said the CEO, quoted by The Verge, during a question and answer session.

“You can have great videos, but not great photos on Instagram.

So we thought maybe we should make sure we treat both equally,” the Instagram boss commented to justify the move.

On the social network, it is indeed impossible today to display photos in a different format.

They all appear in 4:5 format.

Allow photo enthusiasts to express themselves

The new feature will make it possible to use the whole screen.

The objective for the application is to get closer to the expectations of photographers in terms of shot dimensions.

Decision makers also want to satisfy famous or anonymous users who have multiplied criticism of the way Instagram is evolving.

In July 2022, the company explained that its operation was going to change greatly, recalls BFM TV.

The rivalry with TikTok, a video application more popular than Instagram with young users, motivated this desire for transformation.

Among the latter, we find the highlighting of publications suggested, sponsored or selected by Instagram's algorithms.


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