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Near Gangnam Station, which was flooded by record heavy rain, a citizen was caught cleaning up the garbage piled up in a drain pipe with his bare hands.


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An article titled 'Superman Appears at Gangnam Station' was posted on an online community this morning.

In the photo, a man in a white short-sleeved shirt opened a roadside rain gutter cover and removed the trash inside with his bare hands.

The place in the photo is near Gangnam Station, and some of the roadways are submerged in water.

The man did not even have an umbrella or raincoat.

The netizen who shared the photo explained, "One man picked up the garbage piled up in the drain pipe with his bare hands, and the water that was up to his calf quickly went down."

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The rain gutter installed on the road serves to prevent flooding by sending rainwater to the sewer pipe. It is said that if the rain gutter is clogged with various kinds of garbage in a situation of 100 mm per hour torrential rain, the inundation proceeds nearly three times faster.

Netizens responded, "These people need to be in politics. Citizen heroes! Thanks to them, the world is worth living.", "I'm worried that there might be no risk of electric shock. Please return home safely today and be blessed..."

(Screen source: online community)