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▲ A dog owner is abusing the dog by holding only the front paws

A dog that had been treated like a 'doll' by the dog owner and had been abused was rescued with the help of an animal protection group. 

According to animal protection groups Haksamo and Catch Dog, these groups rescued a dog from an apartment in Haeundae-gu, Busan on the 8th. 

These groups began to rescue after receiving reports from nearby residents that the dog owner, Mr. A, was raising a dog in a vehicle that was about to be scrapped and treated it like an attachment doll. 

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▲ An abused dog owner's car

According to the report, Mr. A continued to be abused by taking his dog in a vehicle full of garbage just before the scrap car, and then acting strangely, such as walking on the street holding only his front paws. 

An animal protection group determined that the situation was serious and launched an emergency rescue, but the rescue failed several times due to opposition from the dog owner. 

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In the end, these groups were entrusted with the authority to take urgent measures to separate abused dogs from the Haeundae-gu Office, and on the 7th, visited Mr. A's house and rescued the abused dog. 

The rescued dog was confirmed to have been less than a year old, and it was confirmed through the veterinary hospital that he had been diagnosed with 3-4 hind patellar dislocations and mammary gland tumors. 

On the other hand, it was revealed that Mr. A was caught keeping another dog in a vehicle over 40 degrees two years ago.

The police, who received the complaint, plan to investigate Mr. A for violating the Animal Protection Act.

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