A man was caught cleaning up a drain pipe clogged with garbage with his bare hands amid flood damage, such as flooding the road due to heavy rain in the Gangnam Station area in Seoul. 

In the morning of the 9th, a post titled 'Real-time appearance of Superman at Gangnam Station' was posted on an online community. 

Author A explained, "One man pulled up the garbage piled up in the drain pipe with his bare hands in the middle of Gangnam Station, which was flooded by heavy rain." 

Enlarging an image

In the photo released by Mr. A, a man in white clothes opened the rain gutter cover of the drain pipe and took out the trash full inside with his bare hands. 

In the photo, the man in the photo is getting rained all over his body without an umbrella or raincoat, and is cleaning up garbage such as leaves, drink cans, vinyl, and plastic. 

According to the National Institute of Disaster and Safety, if the rain gutter is clogged with garbage under heavy rain of 100 mm per hour, the inundation proceeds nearly three times faster. 

Netizens who heard the story responded, "He is a true hero who saved citizens from heavy rain," "I am grateful that there is such a person," and "Those who throw garbage on the road should reflect."

(Photo=Online Community 'Bae Dream')