While the competition rate for the 7th grade civil service exam this year recorded the lowest level in 43 years, a 7th grade civil servant lamented that he disclosed his pay stub, drawing attention.

Recently, a 7th grade public official posted his pay stub on her office worker's anonymous community and lamented, 'Shouldn't the inflation rate be at least adjusted?'

The salary for April's pre-tax salary for this civil servant with a job title of Jusabo No. 3 is about 2.55 million won including various allowances.

Excluding taxes and four major insurances, the actual amount received is about 1998,000 won, which is less than 2 million won.

In fact, if this year's minimum hourly wage is converted into a monthly wage based on 40 hours a week, it is 1914,440 won.

Reactions such as 'Why do you want to be a public official' and 'That's enough to have a dual income are essential' to the post.

Although it was difficult to pass the exam, it is expected that the public avoidance phenomenon will continue for the time being in the situation where Park Bong takes on a heavy workload without incentives.