Many parts of the Seoul subway were also flooded with heavy rain centered on the metropolitan area.

The ceiling of Isu Station on Line 7 collapsed, and Yeongdeungpo Station on Line 1 and Dongjak Station on Line 9 were closed due to flooding.

Correspondent Lee Seong-hoon.

<Reporter> This

is the platform of Isu Station on Line 7 of the Seoul Subway.

Water fell from the ceiling like a waterfall, and suddenly the ceiling collapsed and the shocked citizens ran away.

[Woojin Lee / Witness: The ceiling collapsed and the water was dripping down, and as soon as I turned on the camera, the ceiling was now collapsing...


As rainwater entered the station due to heavy rain, both trains passed through Isu Station without stopping.

The basement floor of Singil Station on Seoul Subway Line 1 was also filled with rainwater, and rainwater poured from the elevator ceiling at Daechi Station.

At Yeongdeungpo Station, rainwater pours in through the open train doors.

Some subway stations including Yeongdeungpo Station and Dongjak Station were closed due to heavy rains centered on the metropolitan area, and the lines at Gaebong Station and Oryu Station were also flooded, causing train service to stop at one time.

In particular, trains stopped operating in the section between Nodeul Station on Subway Line 9 and Sapyeong Station, and 7 subway stations in that section were closed.

The record heavy rain that fell in the central region for the first time in 80 years caused chaos, such as stopping subway operations in various places, causing great inconvenience to citizens on their way home from work.

The Seoul Metropolitan Government believes that the subway service will be possible this morning as long as it does not rain more overnight.