A civil servant who was caught filming women secretly on the subway and received a pay cut, filed a lawsuit against the disciplinary action, but lost.

However, it became known that he made an absurd claim during the trial. Let's take a look at the contents.

The Seoul Administrative Court recently ruled that the plaintiff lost the lawsuit filed by public official A against the head of his agency to 'cancel the disposition of the wage reduction'.

In 2020, Mr. A was caught using a mobile phone silent camera app in a subway train on his way to work to secretly film a woman's body, and was caught by a victim's report.

At the trial, Mr. A argued that 'passengers on the CCTV installed trains could be considered to have implicitly consented to have their images filmed', but this was not accepted.

Earlier, after receiving the police's request to appear, Mr. A reset his cell phone and denied the charges, but admitted the crime when the police presented the digital forensic results as evidence.

However, the prosecution dismissed the charges due to insufficient evidence, saying that Mr. A did not highlight the specific body part of the victim.

Afterwards, the affiliated agency imposed a one-month disciplinary action against A for a 'violation of the duty to maintain dignity'.