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is the news of Corona 19.

With more than 100,000 new confirmed cases on the 6th day, the number of at-home treatment patients exceeded 600,000.

The government told her to call the 24-hour medical consultation center if her symptoms worsen on holidays, when it is difficult to find a medical institution that is open.

<Reporter> It

is Sunday afternoon, but it is crowded with patients waiting for treatment.

It is a Corona 19 one-stop medical institution that operates without days off, but there are few places that are open on holidays, so patients flocked to it.

In areas with hospitals like this, the situation is better.

There are no hospitals that provide treatment on holidays, so they often get lost.

What is worrisome are high-risk patients whose symptoms can suddenly worsen.

Until last month, it was classified as an intensive care group and received phone monitoring by medical staff once a day, but it was stopped as it changed to face-to-face treatment from the 1st.

[Kim Min-hee/Chairman of One-Stop Medical Institution: (Phone monitoring has been stopped) If you are concerned, you have no choice but to contact us again and check.

Listening to your voice and making sure you're breathing properly, you have no choice but to check all of these...


Instead, I was instructed to call the medical consultation center if symptoms worsen on holidays.

[Park Hyang/Chairman of the Central Accident Control Headquarters (last 3 days): We are responding 24 hours a day through the Medical Counseling Center so that you can receive treatment even at night and on holidays.]

However, when I called 40 out of 179 counseling centers, only 14 answered.

In many cases it was turned off altogether.

[The power is off, so it is connected to voicemail...


There are severe regional variations such as there are only three centers in Seoul, and even when prescriptions are received, it is difficult to dispense medicines due to a shortage of some medicines.

[Park Mo/Pharmacist: Buying one now and then, and barely one (dispensing) when it's over, another company's (due to running out of stock) Now, it's almost completely non-existent...


From tomorrow (8th), the government will operate a rapid response system for cold medicine to manage 10 items with unstable supply.

(Video coverage: Kim Seung-tae, video editing: Choi Hye-young, CG: Seo Dong-min)