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In the case of child abuse at a daycare center A in Mokdong-dong, Paju-si, Gyeonggi-do, which the police received a report from in June of last year, it was investigated that 9 children were abused by childcare teachers and cooks.

Today (7th), according to Paju City and the police, the Gyeonggi Northern Police Agency received a report that a 2-year-old child was habitually abused by a nursery teacher and cook at a daycare center A in Mokdong-dong on June 15 last year, and is currently investigating.

The police obtained and analyzed six months' worth of video from the CCTV TV of the daycare center, and as a result, it was determined that not one child was abused, but nine children.

It was investigated that the childcare teachers and others physically and emotionally abused the child who was standing in the middle to receive food at lunchtime, such as changing the order of the last or pushing the children's body.

One child was abused more than 320 times by the teacher, and the other 8 children suffered a total of more than 100 abuses, police said.

Child abuse at this daycare center was raised in June last year when one parent of the victim first reported suspicion.

However, at the time, Paju City Hall and child protection agencies only investigated the basic victims and did not conduct a full investigation immediately, creating controversy over the 'backbook administration'.

It is said that the police are planning to finish the investigation soon and forward the case to the prosecution.

Meanwhile, the city of Paju will hold hearings next week to decide on the closure of the daycare center and the suspension of qualifications for the director of the daycare center.

A parent of a victim child said, "If you look at the CCTV video analyzed by the police, abuse by teachers and cooks is clear.

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