On the morning of the 7th, an Internet post about bombing the Jamsil Sports Complex in Seoul was posted, and the police and firefighters were dispatched.

According to the Songpa Fire Station in Seoul, the police requested a joint response to the firefighting team at around 10:19 a.m. when an online community posted an article predicting the bombing of the Jamsil Sports Complex this morning.

A netizen who introduced himself as a 'Sunni extremist terrorist organization Islamic State (IS) fighter' claimed to detonate bombs three times in the morning at Jamsil Sports Complex.

The fire department, which received the police request, sent 14 vehicles and 58 people to evacuate 1,000 workers who were preparing for the 'Seoul Festa 2022' at Jamsil Stadium.

Police dispatched to the scene searched the grounds, but confirmed that there were no bombs and ended the situation around 11:13 am.

It is known that the post in question has now been deleted.

(Photo = Yonhap News)