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also deliver continuous news related to the developmentally disabled.

For people with severe developmental disabilities, the burden of care on their families is too heavy.

There is no end to the unfortunate incidents of people making extreme choices that cannot be tolerated. A tight public care system is needed to prevent such a tragedy, but it seems that there is still a long way to go.

Reporter Park Ye-rin reports.


It is a day care center in the ward office where my son spends time during the day, as soon as he finishes his work as a caregiver.

Hwang Dong-yeol's 'work' starts from now on.

[Hwang Dong-yeol/Joo Jae-geun's mother: Before I go out, I make a resolution by myself.

I can do it, I'm a mother.]

27-year-old Jae-geun, who has autism and epilepsy, cannot use public transportation on his own and has to travel with him all the time.

[Do not touch.

You ca n't touch this.]

Tired, Mom's eyes are busy looking everywhere.

[Hwang Dong-yeol/Joo Jae-geun's mother: If the clothes are soft, you are touching them without realizing it.

I did it once when I was in elementary school, and then I said, 'You're unlucky, look at her'...


After that, I hold both hands tightly.]

Even in hot weather, I don't let go of my hands.

[Step by step, well done.


[Hwang Dong-yeol/Joo Jae-geun's mother: This is paralysis.

He looks so big and strong, but he doesn't really have that much power.]

It is the mother's responsibility to wash, feed, and play.

[Put your hands in and wash.]

[Mom doesn't like this color, but do you like this color?] When you

look away for a moment,

[Jaegeun-ah, no.

You can't go outside.]

[Jaegeun, are you okay?

You have to be careful.]

[Hwang Dong-yeol / Joo Jae-geun's mother: She's a 3-year-old baby and there's nothing she can do about it.

She feeds, brushes, and dresses everything from one to ten.

Also, she doesn't know when she will play.]

The eight hours that Jae-geun is in the day care center is the only time she can do other things.

She often waits for orders, sending her to expensive private centers if she is turned down because she is not available or because she is seriously ill.

With this weak public care system, fear prevails over time.

[Hwang Dong-yeol/Joo Jae-geun's mother: I'm over 50 now.

When she goes outside, no one extends her hand towards the child.

But how can I leave him alone and close my eyes?]

Korea’s welfare budget for the disabled is 0.6% of GDP, and it ranks 34th out of 36 OECD countries, almost the last, and 30% of the 170,000 adults with developmental disabilities use public care. only on

[Kim Yuri/Professor, Special Education Department, Ewha Womans University: Personal care and support for such things should be provided first, organize various activities that can be spent meaningfully, and there is no limit on the number of people for such things, and there is no time limit. without…


A clear and specific plan to expand the care system should be prepared as soon as possible so that families with developmental disabilities can draw a better future than today.

(Video coverage: Kim Seung-tae, video editing: Park Ji-in, CG: Ban So-hee)