A man in his 50s who went to his house recklessly to apologize when the police investigation began after sexually assaulting an elementary school girl has been sentenced to four years in prison.

Chuncheon District Court's Criminal Division 2 (Chief Judge Lee Young-jin) sentenced A to 4 years in prison today (5th) on charges of raping a minor and trespassing.

In addition, we have ordered probation for 3 years, employment restrictions for children and youth organizations for 3 years, and 40 hours of sexual violence treatment program.

Mr. A, who worked as a civil servant at the Chuncheon City Hall, was handed over to trial for raping him in a car after summoning Miss B, who was only 12 at the time, through SNS in Hongcheon, Gangwon-do, at the end of last October.

After that, when the police investigation started with the report of B's ​​parents, A went to B's house and entered the bedroom.

It was confirmed that Miss B's home address was found by asking her neighbors.

A was arrested on the spot by the police who came to the scene at the time of a report from B's grandmother.

Later, during the police investigation, Miss B stated, "Mr. A filmed the crime with a cell phone."

During the investigation, Mr. A admitted that he was sexually assaulted, but did not know that he was an elementary school student, and insisted that he did not even film.

A was found to have thrown his cell phone into an incinerator after the crime.

The court explained the reason for sentencing, saying, "The victim is expected to have a very negative impact on the formation of healthy sexual values ​​in the future due to this case."

However, regarding the allegation of filming the victim at the time of the crime, he said, "I have a suspicion that sexual exploitation was made because the cell phone was thrown away and replaced at an incinerator, but there is no direct evidence to say that the crime was committed, so it is difficult to believe that it has been proven without a reasonable doubt." acquitted.