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The police, who arrived after receiving a report that the daughter did not return home after midnight, released the story of finding the reporter's daughter in the academy's reading room after a search.

Yesterday (4th), Incheon Police Agency posted an article titled 'Find the missing student' on its official Facebook page.

According to the article, the Incheon Jungbu Police Station recently received a report from an urgent father saying, "It is past midnight, and my daughter who went to the academy cannot contact me."

When the police received the report, they went to the building where middle school student A was last, but the building door was closed at midnight, so they could not enter.

Eventually, after obtaining the cooperation of the building manager, the police entered the interior and divided into groups of two to search all floors of the 14-story building for about an hour.

However, Miss A was not found, and the police went to the academy that Miss A attended.

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The police, who shined a flashlight through the gap in the door of the academy, confirmed that there was a reading room inside the academy, and knocked on the door several times.

Then, a voice came from inside.

After confirming that there was a person, the police sent a signal using a whistle and a flashlight, and after a while the academy door opened and Miss A, who had disappeared, walked out.

It turned out that Miss A, who was studying in the reading room, fell asleep with her earplugs plugged in and did not know that the academy was closed.

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Miss A's father was relieved when he saw his daughter, and Miss A returned home safely with his father.

Netizens who heard the story responded, "I think both the father and the student themselves were very surprised", "I'm so glad that nothing happened", "The students who studied late and the police who searched for them all suffered."

(Picture = Incheon Police Pole Incheon Facebook)