Last month, a landmine suddenly exploded in Cheorwon, Gangwon-do, killing 50 people while they were working to recover from flood damage.

It has been confirmed that the police, who have been investigating who is responsible for the accident, recently booked two civil servants from the county government and two people from a construction company.

Correspondent Kim Sang-min reported exclusively.


The military government said that they believed in the military's words that the mine detection was complete, and that they started working, and that they did unreasonable work outside the area where the mines were detected.

When the 56-year-old excavator driver A died at the flood recovery site in Cheorwon on the 3rd of last month, the two organizations postponed each other's responsibilities.

It has been confirmed that the police have recently booked two civil servants from the Cheorwon County Office and two construction companies for negligence and manslaughter.

First of all, the police believe that the accident occurred within an area where the military had detected mines.

The decision was made after conducting on-site verification and investigations with the platoon commander who was discharged from the mine detection operation.

The police paid attention to the fact that the torrential rain fell enough to change the topography in the Cheorwon area between the time the military notified the county office that the mine detection was completed and the working day.

It is wrong that the Cheorwon County Office did not request the military to re-detect the mines despite the risk of being washed away.

In the summer of 1997, two people, including an excavator driver, died at a similar location, but it was also revealed that the county government had not established a safety plan related to the mine accident.

[Park Yeon-gyu / Residents near the accident site: (Accident) What do I do only then? As the years pass, I do not know it.

(Administratively) What should be done?]

It is said that the site manager of the construction company was absent for other business at the time of the accident.

The deceased family of A was unable to fully recover the body due to a landmine issue within the search range, so they only guarded the funeral home for nearly a month.

[A's bereaved family: There are many areas where we give up because we want to find out (in the course of the search) someone else will be like that.

Another (mine related) second accident...


The police plan to send the case to the prosecution as soon as the National Forensic Service's investigation of explosive fragments is complete.

(Video coverage: Park Hyun-cheol, video editing: Park Chun-bae, CG: Jo Su-in)