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Two days ago, on an online community, an article titled, 'Camping annoyances have crossed the line' was posted.

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In the published photos, there are large tents scattered around the playground swings and fences.

Fences and nets are even wound with ropes to secure the tent.

In addition, there is another tent on the slide installed behind the swing, which occupies a large part of the playground space, so it seems that children are inevitably uncomfortable using the playground.

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As such, recently, cases of using the common space of an apartment for personal reasons are continuing, causing controversy.

Recently, a photo of someone setting up a large tent in an underground parking lot of an apartment complex was released and criticized, and the story of a resident who installed a huge air-bounce swimming pool in the common area of ​​the apartment complex and dumped used water on the lawn drew outrage. also did

Netizens commented, "It's so absurd that it doesn't make sense! Where the hell did common sense go?!"

"You can hang it in your house or on your car. Do you hate it for fear of dust or scratches?"

(Screen source: Baby Dream)