Do you remember 'The Nightlife Detective'?

Four years ago, it became a hot topic as an Internet site that confirms the records of spouses or lovers entering and exiting prostitution.

It is said to be a trend that has recently become popular again.

If you request through SNS such as Telegram or KakaoTalk open chat room, they will look up access records in the database used by the sex traders.

Online, there are also reviews from people who have used an entertainment detective, as well as inquiries asking to recommend a company.

According to Naver Trend, which analyzes search trends, the number of searches for 'nightlife detective' increased 3 to 5 times last month.

However, it is illegal to trade other people's personal information like this.

In addition, there are concerns that the reliability of the information may be low, and there may be a mass production of victims.

In 2018, when it was popular, there were cases where people who had run a business with an 'entertainment detective' were handed over to trial and convicted on charges of violating the Information and Communications Network Act.

(Photo source: Twitter)