Teenagers who had been killed in a hit-and-run accident after stealing a car two years ago were arrested on the 1st for gang assault on middle school students.

Three people, including my aunt, were driving without a license from Seoul to Daejeon in a stolen car in March 2020, collided with a delivery motorcycle and killed a college freshman.

Some of them were released from the juvenile detention center at the end of last year, and until recently, they were arrested on charges of gang assaulting and extorting money from middle school students younger than them in Yangcheon-gu, Seoul.

The police are also conducting an investigation without detaining two people of the same age who took part in the assault with them.

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Police action is useless

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When asked about the position, "It is inconvenient to come in contact"

Before publishing the article, I wanted to hear the stories of the perpetrators.

I went to a cafe and a jjimjilbang in Yangcheon-gu, Seoul, where three people, including Lee Gun, often appear to meet in person as much as possible.

Even though we did not meet on several visits, we were able to hear the stories of the employees who had seen them.

The staff showed me pictures and gave me a brief explanation, and I recognized them right away.

An employee of a cafe in Yangcheon-gu said that he saw them on the night of the 12th of last month, when the victim student group B was dragged and assaulted.

The employee said, “I was going to say no because these students were smoking in front of the cafe that night, but then I saw a boy (Group B) crouching among them.”

An employee of a jjimjilbang in Yangcheon-gu had the same reaction.

A staff at the jjimjilbang said, “Recently, a customer reported that these students were sitting in groups in the jjimjilbang and swearing.

I made a phone call to two people, including Lee, who had contact information.

When one asked about his position on the assault charge, he immediately hung up saying, “I will hang up the phone.”

Another person hung up saying, "I'll call you later" and left a text message saying, "It's inconvenient to contact me like this, I'd appreciate it if you didn't contact me."

They wanted to hear the stories of the perpetrators, but they all refused to reveal their position.

I was curious about the position after the report, but they were all arrested and could not be heard.

After arrest, 'V' pose photo shoot

After their arrest, the current situation can be found on social media.

A person of the same age who is being investigated without detention for taking part in the assault posted a picture of Lee Gun on social media.

In the photo, presumed to have been taken by visiting the police station, Lee was posing with both hands in a 'V' pose.

It was difficult to see him as a reflective attitude.

The perpetrators who still do not reflect and do not express their clear position.

A police officer who is investigating them also kicked their tongues, calling them “scary children.”

Parents of perpetrators contacted "I want to reach an agreement" after arrest

After being arrested, it was thought that there would be no secondary harm to the victims for the time being, but it was confirmed that one of the perpetrators' parents had contacted one of the victims after reporting, saying, "I want to make an agreement."

Victims of the students have no intention of settlement.

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Victim students fear retaliation above all else, and their parents hope that there will be no more victims.

The parents of group A of the victim student said, "The law is weak, so the perpetrators don't seem to know what they did wrong.

The parents of another victim student, who are being investigated further by the police, said, "The perpetrators were not arrested after the first report, and a week later, they caught another middle school student and caused the second crime. I do not want it to happen,” he appealed.

In fact, it was confirmed that three people, including Lee Gun, had been driving without a license for a week in Seoul and Gangneung, even the day before their arrest.

Fortunately, it didn't even cause a driving accident at the time, but it seems most important to prevent them from committing similar crimes again when they come out in society.