Personnel and inspection of officers at the general level who held a meeting against the establishment of a police department within the Ministry of Public Administration and Security are in full swing.

Minister of the Interior and Safety Lee Sang-min strongly criticized the situation similar to a coup d'etat for violating the instructions of the superior and forcing the meeting.

Correspondent Kim Sang-min.


Minister Lee Sang-min, who volunteered for an emergency press briefing, poured out intense remarks from the beginning.

The national police chiefs' meeting held three days ago stipulated that it was a serious situation, saying that local police officers who could mobilize force and physical force at any time violated the upper-level instructions.

[Lee Sang-min/Minister of Public Administration and Security: Disobeying a legitimate duty order despite the police leadership clearly instructing the dissolution before and during the meeting...


I have compared this meeting to a military rebellion that occurred in the past by the Hanahoe, a secret military organization.

[Lee Sang-min / Minister of Public Administration and Security: Did you not learn from history?

It is from this beginning that the Hanahoe launched the 12.12 coup.]

He mentioned Article 66 of the National Public Officials Act, which forbids collective actions outside of official duties, and emphasized that criminal punishment is possible.

[Lee Sang-min/Minister of Public Administration and Security: The National Public Officials Act (incarceration) is for less than one year, but the Police Civil Service Act requires that the punishment be aggravated to less than two years.]

Recently, gatherings by police ranks are led by certain forces and I even said there was.

The establishment of the police department actively countered the criticisms within the police that it was a return to the past dictatorship.

He stressed that democratic control by the people is the way in which the minister under the administration can control the police through the newly established police department.

The new enforcement ordinance of the new police department, which went through a four-day notice of legislative notice and a meeting with the vice ministers, is passed by the State Council today (26th), and will be implemented simultaneously with the promulgation on the 2nd of the next month.