Recently, there was an accident in Ulsan where an 8-year-old boy was bitten by a dog and seriously injured.

More than 2,000 such dangerous dog bites occur every year.

It would be a priority for the dog owner to wear a leash or muzzle well, but reporter Min Kyung-ho listened to experts on how to respond when suddenly encountering a ferocious dog on the road.


What should you do if you run into a dog that doesn't have a leash or muzzle while walking down the street?

Experts say it is important to first stop and not irritate the dog.

[Lee Woong-jong / Pet behavior correction expert: It is best to look away and express 'I am not afraid.']

If the dog runs away, however, it is better to use your belongings.

[Lee Woong-jong / Pet behavior correction expert: For example, a hat, a bag.

(Even if you don't have them) Shoes are always there, because if you throw the shoes in the opposite direction and to the back of a person when they approach you, the dog will instantly follow them.] Since the

dog ran with hunting instinct, it provides a bite to satisfy that instinct. will.

When bitten by a dog, it is best to hold on to it.

[Lee Woong-jong / Pet behavior correction expert: No, no!

The more you scream and shake, the more your dog will bite.

If you hold on to it, it bites you, and if you think you have captured the prey after pulling it a few times, you have to let it go.]

It is important not to fall when attacked by a flock of wild dogs.

[Lee Woong-Jong / Pet behavior correction expert: When a dog falls, the habit of trying to bite more and then the habit of pulling becomes stronger.]

To sum up, it is better to defend rather than attack.

For example, if you are holding an umbrella, it is more effective to spread it out rather than hit it.

[Lee Woong-Jong / Pet behavior correction expert: The reaction speed that dogs want to bite is faster than the speed that a person kicks or hits with their hands.

If a dog weighs about 30 kg, we can only defend it if it weighs more than 90 kg.]

After all, it is dangerous to think that you can easily win a fight with dogs.

(Video coverage: Hong Jong-su, Writer: Kim Yu-mi, Kim Chae-hyun, Editing: Hong Kyung-sil, CG: Ahn Ji-hyun)