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number of corona patients continues to increase.

As of 9:00 pm on the 17th, the number of new corona cases exceeded 25,000.

It was the highest figure in 10 weeks as of 9 pm on Sunday night.

Starting today, even those in their 50s can get the 4th vaccine on the same day or make a reservation in advance.

Reporter Hyung-woo Jeon reports.


Temperature check started again at the entrance of a large church in Yeouido, Seoul.

[The temperature is checked.

One hand, please.]

This church has separated people with fever symptoms as a measure to prevent the spread of Corona among its members.

[Shim Jae-hong/President of Yeouido Full Gospel Church Male Mission: In a situation where Corona 19 is spreading, we can also watch worship while thoroughly complying with quarantine measures.]

New confirmed cases continued to be around 40,000 for the third day.

The doubling phenomenon continued, increasing 1.97 times from a week ago and 4 times from two weeks ago, and the number of confirmed patients doubled in a week.

The number of critically ill patients was 71, filling nearly one in seven critically ill beds nationwide.

The ruling party reiterated its position to respond to this situation by increasing the vaccination rate while minimizing daily restrictions.

Starting today, advance reservations for the 4th vaccination for those in their 50s will begin.

A total of 8.57 million people born between 1963 and 1972 are eligible.

If it has been 4 months since you received the third dose or if you have been infected with the corona virus, you can only be vaccinated after 3 months from the date of confirmation.

[Han Deok-soo/Prime Minister: (4th vaccination) We strongly recommend that all recipients complete the vaccination as soon as possible, wear a mask indoors, etc.

] , You can make a reservation online by calling Naver or Kakao Talk, or by calling a medical institution offline.