At about 10:17 am today (7th), a report was received from the fire department that the Hallim-loaded offshore fishing boat A (29t), which was moored in Hallim Port, Hallim-eup, Jeju-si, caught fire.

According to the Jeju Fire Safety Headquarters and the Jeju Maritime Police Station, the fire was transferred to the nearby Hallim-shipped offshore gillnetting boats B (49t) and C (39t), and three fishing boats are currently on fire.

Immediately after the fire, three people were rescued from the sea and transported to a hospital, all of them said to be seriously injured.

An eyewitness reported the situation, saying, "There was a fire with the sound of an explosion."

At around 10:31 am, the fire department issued the first stage of response, in which all personnel from the fire department in charge were dispatched, and the Coast Guard rescue team and six security vessels were also dispatched to the site.

The city of Jeju warned residents in the vicinity to be careful about safety, saying, "A large amount of black smoke is being generated due to the fire on the fishing boat in Hallim Port."