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Two men in their 20s who were charged with having sex with children aged 12-13 under the pretext of 'Game of Thrones' were sentenced to probation in prison.

The 12th Criminal Settlement of the Seoul Eastern District Court (Chief Judge Lee Jong-chae) has been accused of violating the Child and Youth Sexual Protection Act (fornication, such as hierarchies) and the Child Welfare Act (forced fornication against children, etc.) to Mr. A and Mr. B. It was announced on the 7th (today) that they were sentenced to 2 years and 6 months in prison, 3 years of probation, 1 year in prison and 2 years of probation, respectively.

A and B are accused of having sex with C and D at the victim's home in 2019.

At the time of the incident, A and B were adults, while C was 13 years old and D was only 12 years old.

It was investigated that they had sex with the victims of the so-called 'Game of Thrones'.

The king game is a game in which the winner becomes the king and gives orders to the rest of the people, and the game follows.

In addition, Ms. D claimed that Ms. A called her into her house in court and sexually assaulted her with force.

Persons A and B admitted that they had a relationship with the victims during the game, but were unaware that they were children under the age of 13, and claimed that they had contact with the victims in agreement with the children.

However, it turned out that during the investigation stage, Mr. A asked Miss C to make a statement to the effect that '(The victims) lied about their age and (A, etc.) knew the wrong age'.

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The court found that even if the victims participated in the game, sexual abuse and violations of the Child Welfare Act were recognized.

The court pointed out, "Even though they knew that the victims were children under the age of 18, they ordered obscene acts and sexually abused them."

The court continued, "The quality of the crime is very poor in that there is a high risk that it will negatively affect the healthy growth and formation of sexual values ​​of the victims, who are only 13 and 12 years old." I used it as a means to satisfy my sexual desires, knowing I was my age.”

However, "the defendants have no history of criminal punishment for sex crimes or child abuse crimes, and they are acknowledging the crime and responsibility for allegations of violations of the Child Welfare Act," he said. “He explained the reason for the sentencing.

On the other hand, the charge of sexually harassing Ms. D by summoning D to her residence by Mr. A was acquitted, saying that there was no proof of the crime.