It was revealed that the man who murdered a female civil servant at Andong City Hall in North Gyeongsang Province was in a state of being subject to a 'prohibition of access' to his family for committing domestic violence.

According to the police on the 6th, a 44-year-old public official who killed a female public official in his 50s with a knife was recently ordered to ban access to his family due to continuous domestic violence. It was found that he had been living there for nearly a month.

It was also confirmed that Mr. A is currently in the process of divorce with her spouse.

A is suspected of killing a female civil servant B with a pre-prepared weapon on the 2nd floor of the parking tower of Andong City Hall in Myeongnyun-dong, Andong-si, Gyeongsangbuk-do, around 8:56 am on the 5th.

Person B, who suffered severe abdominal injuries from a weapon wielded by Person A, was taken to the hospital, but eventually died.

Person A was confirmed to have committed the crime while on leave of absence as a public official working in the facility inspection department of the city hall.

Ms. B, who died, is a 6th grade civil servant working at Andong City Hall, and it is known that she has never worked with Mr. A because of the different departments.

Person A went to the police station immediately after the crime and surrendered herself, and after being silent about the motive for the crime for a while, "Mr. B, who died, did not meet him, so he wielded a weapon in a panic," the police investigation revealed.

The police applied for an arrest warrant for A on the charge of murder.