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A former police officer who was handed over to trial on charges of forcibly molesting and breaking into the house of a junior colleague was also sentenced to prison in the appeals court.

The 9th Criminal Division of the Seoul High Court (Chief Judges Moon Gwang-seop, Park Young-wook, and Hwang Seong-mi) sentenced A (51), who was handed over to trial on charges of trespassing and sexual assault under the Sexual Violence Punishment Act on the 7th (today), to 3 years and 6 months in prison.

Person A reached an agreement with the victim during the appeal trial, and the sentence was reduced from the four years in prison sentenced by the first trial.

The court of appeals court maintained the same order as in the first instance to complete 40 hours of sexual violence treatment program and to restrict employment in child and youth-related organizations and welfare facilities for the disabled for 3 years.

Defendant A is charged with raping a drunk victim after drinking alcohol with the victim in May 2021, and forcibly molesting the victim by following him to his residence.

In 2018, it was investigated that he committed a similar crime against the victim on his way home from a dinner party.

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The court pointed out, "Even though I am in a position to obey the law and set an example as a police officer, I have committed several sexual assault crimes against the victim, who is a junior at work," and pointed out that "the quality of the crime is very poor."

The court continued, "Considering the agreement with the victim, the sentence was slightly lower than that of the original trial court," he said.

Mr. A admitted to all his crimes at trial.

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