A court sentenced 13 years in prison to a 70-year-old man who assaulted and murdered a middle school classmate and abandoned the body for refusing to kiss.

Today (7th), the 1st Criminal Division of the Gunsan Branch of the Jeonju District Court (Chief Judge Jeong Seong-min) sentenced A (73), who was charged with violating the Act on Special Cases concerning the Punishment of Sexual Violence Crimes (forced sexual assault and death), 13 years in prison and 10 It has been ordered to install location-tracking electronics for years.

A is accused of assaulting and killing a middle school classmate B (73) in an apartment in Iksan-si, Jeollabuk-do in April last year, and then abandoning the body.

A's crime was revealed as a report of a hiker who found the body of B near the helicopter landing site at the foot of the Mireuksan 7th ridge. 

At that time, the body of Mr. B, which was found covered in a pile of leaves, had scratches and bruises left. 

The police, who started the investigation, obtained CCTV footage of Mr. A walking into the house with Mr. B in a car and moving the body, and urgently arrested Mr. A.

In the CCTV video, Mr. A was also caught throwing clothes believed to belong to Mr. B in the old clothes collection box and loading the body into a car.

As a result of the investigation, it was revealed that he attempted to kiss Mr. B and then assaulted Mr. B to death and then abandoned the body.

However, Mr. A denied the allegations, saying, "I didn't assault him so badly that I could die. When I woke up, he was dead."

He claimed, "As a pastor, I called my house to pray, but there was a disagreement, so we had a fight, and when he woke up he was dead."

The National Forensic Research Institute, which conducted the autopsy, determined that the cause of death was 'multiple traumatic shock death'.

The autopsy doctor in charge estimated that "Mr. B died due to severe assault."

The court pointed out, "The defendant claimed that he had no intention to kill, but during the trial, he never offered any words of consolation or apology to the victim, and accused the prosecutor that the indictment was false."

"The victim had to end his life in pain due to the defendant's crimes to satisfy his sexual desire," he said.