There was also high interest in the article that a mother and daughter were sentenced to fines for chasing at a restaurant and demanding a refund.

The Uijeongbu District Court yesterday (6th) sentenced the mother and daughter of A, who were charged with attempted blackmail and obstruction of business, to a fine of 5 million won each.

After mother and daughter ordered a 32,000 won menu at a restaurant in Yangju, Gyeonggi Province in May of last year, she said, 'The restaurant has violated quarantine rules.' I didn't want to pay.

She said the old people sitting next to her were unpleasant.

She reported to Yangju City for violating the Act on Actual Infectious Disease Control, and when the incident became a hot topic in the Internet community, she posted an article stating that the restaurant owner was serving her guests without even wearing her mask.

However, as a result of public CCTV screens and city authorities investigation, it was found that the restaurant complied with quarantine rules.