As the corona virus spreads again, the number of new confirmed cases a day approached 20,000.

Compared to the same day of the week a week ago, it has nearly doubled.

In response to these signs of a resurgence, the government has come up with bedside measures.

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number of new corona patients was 19,371, an increase of 1.85 times from a week ago.

At each regional screening clinic, another line of waiting for tests began to form.

[Song Chang-woon/Nurse at Yangcheon-gu Office Screening Clinic: Last week, on average, about 200-300 people came, this week it increased slightly to 300-400 people.]

Compared to a week ago, the increase in the number of confirmed cases increased from 2,000 to 8,900. The number has increased to more than two, so the rate of spread has increased that much.

The doubling phenomenon, in which the number of confirmed cases doubles every week, can be reproduced.

In particular, the BA.5 mutation with high propagation power is a problem.

In the United States, more than half of the new confirmed cases have already become the dominant species, and quarantine authorities are concerned that it will soon be the case in Korea.

The government believes that even if BA.5 spreads, booster vaccination is urgent to lower the severity of the disease.

[Sohn Young-rae/Chief of Social Strategy Team, Central Accident Remediation Headquarters: Currently, the rate of the 4th vaccination over the age of 60 is at 31%, so it is necessary to spread the vaccination more than now.]

However, we are considering a plan to expand the 4th vaccination to the vulnerable and people with underlying diseases first, rather than the general vaccination.

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Measures were also prepared for childbirth, dialysis, and pediatric patients who suffered great casualties during the 4th and 5th epidemics.

We have secured 784 special beds so that we do not run out of beds to accommodate them as in the past.

In order to quickly transport Corona emergency patients, the hospital bed situation is shared with the 119 paramedics in real time, and if the negative pressure isolation bed in the emergency room is full, it can be treated in the general isolation bed.

(Video coverage: Kim Gyun-jong, video editing: Park Ji-in)