I've seen many articles that the police are investigating an incident where a waitress at an entertainment bar in Seoul died after drinking a drink handed to him by a customer.

Yesterday (the 5th) around 7:50 am, at an entertainment bar in Gangnam, Seoul, a waitress A in her 30s lost consciousness and collapsed.

A colleague of an entertainment pub reported to 119 and the police, saying, 'Mr. A fell down after drinking the alcohol given by customers.'

A was taken to a nearby hospital, but eventually died.

However, at the same time, a man who was at this drinking party had a car accident in the middle of the city center, about 700 meters from an entertainment pub.

When the police arrived, it was reported that an envelope believed to be a drug was found in the vehicle.

The man was also taken to hospital, but died.

Police are investigating the connection between the two incidents, while verifying the identity of the guests and the substances mixed with alcohol.