19 children who visited a water park in Hongcheon, Gangwon-do last weekend are complaining of group gastroenteritis.

Hongcheon-gun temporarily suspends the operation of the water park and is investigating the cause.

This is G1 Broadcasting reporter Jung Chang-young.

<Reporter> This

is a water park in Hongcheon-gun.

It is so popular that more than 2,600 people visited it within three days of opening.

However, some of the users who visited this place complained of vomiting and gastroenteritis.

Many articles about the damage were posted on Mom Cafe in Hongcheon, and complaints from parents who suffered the same damage continued in nearby Chuncheon.

At a hospital in Hongcheon, 19 children complaining of enteritis symptoms were treated.

[Hongcheon ○○ Hospital official: About 19 children came to the emergency room.

I have gastroenteritis after playing in the water...


(Is this common?) Not many.]

All the children who visited the hospital went to the swimming pool last Sunday.

This is the Hongcheon water park that opened on the 1st.

However, the operation was suspended five days after opening when a group of users showed symptoms of gastroenteritis.

The Hongcheon-gun Public Health Center collected samples from some of the patients to identify the virus, while also requesting the Gangwon-do Health and Environment Research Institute for water quality testing.

However, the exact cause is still unknown.

[Hongcheon-gun official: Whether it was the same meeting or whether a large number of unspecified people showed the same symptoms by chance, this has not been released yet.]

Hongcheon-gun is in the position that there were no major abnormalities in the water quality test conducted twice daily.