A woman in her 20s who was handed over to trial for assaulting another passenger with a cell phone in a subway line 9 train was sentenced to one year in prison in the first trial.

Judge Jeon Beom-shik of the Seoul Southern District Court sentenced A (26), who was indicted for special injuries and insults, to one year in prison today (6th).

Person A was handed over to trial on charges of insulting and hitting a man in his 60s several times with a cell phone on the way to Gayang Station on Subway Line 9 in March.

He was additionally charged with a separate charge of assault on Line 1 in October of last year while receiving the first trial.

At the time, it was investigated that Mr. A hit the victim with a bag and assaulted him by pouring drinks on his head.

The trial court, who combined the case, explained the reason for the sentencing, saying, "Even though the passengers were drying or filming the accused, they continued to commit crimes against the elderly victim without regard to them, and there was no forgiveness."

In the final statement, Mr. A appealed to the court for leniency, saying that he had been bullied in the past and worked hard to reach an agreement.

(Photo = Yonhap News, YouTube 'BMW' channel capture)