The weather is very hot these days, but as the heat continues day and night, it is said that the air conditioner AS crisis is taking place nationwide.

According to the industry, since last month, air conditioner AS requests to major home appliance companies have been flooding.

For repairs, you have to wait 9 days at the shortest and 3 weeks at the longest.

The phone connection itself was also not easy, resulting in longer waiting times.

It happens every summer that there are a lot of air conditioner AS requests, but this year is showing a slightly different pattern.

What usually happens in late July or early August is happening a month earlier.

The industry is saying that the air conditioner AS volume is greatly affected by the weather, but an industry official said, 'The number of AS requests increased rapidly from two weeks before the early heat started in earnest.'

Home appliance makers are mobilizing their service staff to the fullest, but it seems not enough to keep up with the surge in demand.

As a result, there is information circulating among consumers that 'if you call a third-party repairman without considering the brand of the air conditioner, you can fix it quickly'.