It was later confirmed that Mitsubishi, a Japanese company that forcibly mobilized Koreans to the Hashima Coal Mine, which was called a warship island during the Japanese colonial period, installed a memorial for the victims of forced abduction of Chinese people.

In November of last year, in a park on the outskirts of Nagasaki City, the 'Brave of Japan-China Friendship and Peace Palace' was installed.

It is said that this friendship monument was built as part of a reconciliation project promised in 2016 between Mitsubishi and Chinese victims who were forcibly taken to warship islands.

It is noteworthy that forced arrest and forced labor are described fairly clearly.

On the back of the friendship monument, '3,765 Chinese workers were put into business by Mitsubishi and its subcontractors and forced to work under poor conditions, during which 722 Chinese workers died' is engraved in Japanese and Chinese.

The names of 845 Chinese victims are also engraved on the stone carvings on either side of the friendship monument.

There is no apology or compensation for the forced labor of Koreans.

As a result, criticism is coming out that Japan needs to acknowledge the need for an apology or compensation for the victims of forced labor for Koreans.