However, a few months after the investigation began, the police officer in charge of the case suddenly changed.

When we tried to investigate the former and current police officers suspected of soliciting the golf course, they were sent to another place.

Prosecutors are currently investigating the allegation that the higher-ups tried to cover up the investigation.

Reporter Chan-beom Park met the police officer who was in charge of the investigation and heard the story.

<Reporter Park Chan-beom>

Kim Seong-hoon of Gyeonggi Gwangju Police Station, who has been investigating the New Seoul CC golf course since last March.

Sergeant Kim first booked 10 golf course employees who provided reservation convenience on charges of violating the Solicitation and Graft Act.

In the course of the investigation, we also secured statements and data that the reservation of 'company holdings' was made at the request of former and current police officers and city councilors.

[Kim Seong-hoon/Sergeant Major: I received a confession that public officials were involved.

We have gathered enough evidence to reinforce it.]

This is when the inappropriate intervention of superiors began, says Sergeant Kim.

[Kim Seong-hoon / Sergeant: It seems that our employees

are also the same. How do you do it? So, 'Then review it and proceed with the investigation', and it suddenly bends for a moment.]

When he reported that he would investigate former and current police officers as a reference, he delayed the payment one by one, claiming that the 'Investigation Smash' had begun.

[Kim Seong-hoon / Sergeant: When he called me to investigate, I told him not to proceed with the investigation related to bribery.

I said, 'There was a (superior) instruction.']

Sergeant Kim raised an objection when the further investigation was blocked, and after receiving an order from the manager in charge to write a personnel complaint and submit it, he was assigned to the police box.

[Kim Seong-hoon/Sergeant Major: If payment is not received, the investigation cannot proceed any further.

'I'm going to investigate, I'm going to quit the investigation' (this is why the manager later) 'You write your grievances during today', there was nothing I could do.]

As the person in charge changed, the current investigation is at a standstill.

[Lee Yun-woo / Attorney: When certain things that confer benefits are caught, they have to be revealed, but it is a duty that (police investigators) should of course do

. Afterwards, the police officer filed a complaint with the prosecution on charges of obstructing the exercise of the right to abuse of power by the Gwangju Police Station commander over the suspicion of ignoring the investigation and the personnel measures.

The Seongnam branch has recently launched a full-scale investigation into Sgt Kim twice.

[Kim Seong-hoon / Sergeant

: Rather than simply seeing it as a robbery case, there were people who were now enjoying privileges in an unjust way, and I need to raise awareness of those people, I think.]

He explained that he had never blocked the investigation of former and current police officers.

(Video coverage: Choi Jun-sik, Video editing: Hwang Ji-young, CG: Kim Hong-sik)



Reporter Ha Jeong-yeon who covered this content is here.

Q. Inspection request.. Silent answer?

[Reporter Ha Jeong-yeon: Sergeant Kim Seong-hoon did not decide to interview the media from the beginning.

I tried to solve this problem on two occasions within the police organization.

First of all, when the current and former police officers came up on the investigation line in March, I requested the Gyeonggi Nambu Police Agency, the upper authority, to investigate the matter directly because the matter was serious.

On June 12, after the decision to issue a police box, he also requested an inspection from the National Police Agency.

However, as there was no progress, I decided to do an interview under my real name.]

Q. Hyangbae, investigator?

[Reporter Ha Jung-yeon: Recently, there have been some similar cases within the police organization.

Police officers, including Public Security Superintendent Lee Myung-gyo, received special reservations at the police-only golf course, but 10 people involved were handed over to the disciplinary committee last month.

The case of New Seoul CC Golf Course is a more serious matter.

This is because the fee per person is around 20,000 won, so it is not an exclusive golf course used only by the police, but it is because they received the convenience of making a reservation at a general membership golf course where high-priced memberships of over 300 million won are traded.

We also received an interpretation of the rights of the Anti-Corruption and Civil Rights Commission through the Office of the National Assembly.

According to this result, both the golf course staff who provided the reservation convenience and the incumbent public official who received the reservation convenience violate the Anti-Graft Act.

It is believed that tangible and intangible economic benefits include providing convenience as well as property benefits such as money and membership.

If job relevance and remuneration are recognized, of course, punishment for bribery is possible.

It seems that the prosecution will conduct a strict investigation into the police's suspicion of enveloping my family, and attention is paid to what kind of action the police will take.]

(Video editing: Lee Seung-jin, data provided: Lee Chae-ik's Office of the People's Power)

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