Convenience store GS25's own brand (PB) product 'Snoopy Milk' has been discontinued for more than a product.

According to the industry on the 6th, GS25 stopped selling Snoopy Milk Banana Flavored products on the 1st after receiving a report that the taste was strange.

On the 4th, it also stopped selling Snoopy milk strawberry flavor, coffee flavor, and chocolate flavor products, and in the process, all 25,000 items in stock were discarded.

In this regard, GS Retail posted a notice on its website yesterday and said, "There was a customer complaint about quality, so we immediately banned the sale and suspended the order, and decided to voluntarily collect it." We are checking from various angles to see if there were any problems in the manufacturing process at the request,” he explained.

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Dongwon F&B, the manufacturer of this product, also announced on its website that "We have received customer opinions that some products have been altered, and have decided to suspend sales in order to secure consumer safety."

An official from Dongwon F&B said, "We are investigating whether there is a manufacturing defect," and "the cause of the problem has not been revealed yet."

Dongwon F&B researchers are currently conducting detailed inspections at the manufacturing site, reporting to the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety and investigating the matter.

(Photo=GS Retail Dongwon F&B website)