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A dizzying scene was captured of a large truck passing right in front of a child who was crossing the crosswalk as it broke the signal and drove.


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The black box vehicle in the video slows down when the signal changes to red.

However, the tank lorry on the opposite side is driving without deceleration.

A child crossing the crosswalk stops just before it collides and steps backwards.

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The child, who was jumping across the crosswalk in line with the green light, looked around as if embarrassed by a vehicle that suddenly entered.

Even in this situation, the tank lorry disappeared as it was.

The driver of the black box vehicle who released the video said, "The orange light has already come on and it is enough to stop it, but what is it that is so urgent?" "I was shocked to learn that the child was being hit."

In the second half of the video, a delivery motorcycle driver was also caught crossing the crosswalk and criticized.

Netizens responded, "Why is it so natural at a red light? What are you going to do in one minute early...?!", "It gives me chills! If I don't punish properly, that driver will crash again."

(Screen source: Baby Dream)