I've seen a lot of articles about people in their 40s who were caught by the police after they deliberately caused an accident while riding a motorcycle and hijacked hundreds of millions of insurance money.

As the vehicle tries to change lanes, a black motorcycle appears from behind at high speed, and it just collapses without colliding with the vehicle.

The police arrested motorcyclist A on charges of insurance fraud, etc.

Mr. A is suspected of causing a traffic accident by selecting a luxury vehicle that mainly violates traffic laws, and receiving insurance money in the name of medical treatment and vehicle repair costs.

From July of last year to March of this year, there were 41 related accidents, and the amount of insurance money collected reached 140 million won.

In February, when an insurance company filed a complaint to investigate a traffic accident related to Mr. A, Mr. A was also caught. The police are continuing the investigation to see if there are additional crimes other than those revealed.