World-class soccer star Son Heung-min appeared at Hangang Park!

Heung-min Son training on the banks of the Han River has been captured by citizens and is attracting attention.

Yesterday (4th), videos and photos of Son Heung-min running along the Han River bicycle road were uploaded one after another on the online community on the 1st and 3rd.

It appears to have been filmed on the black box of a bicycle that was on the way.

There was speculation that the man following on a bicycle was Son Woong-jung, Son Heung-min's father, but Son Heung-min revealed that he was not his father but a personal trainer.

Netizens showed reactions such as 'pros are pro' to training in the heat, but netizens who actually witnessed it said, 'He jumped over the speed limit on a bicycle road'.

Son Heung-min will join the team on the 10th when the Tottenham squad will visit Korea.

(Screen source: Online community)