Controversy arose when it was alleged that a restaurant was trying to inflate the cost of a dinner party twice.

On the 1st, an article was posted on an anonymous community of office workers saying, 'Never go to a pork belly restaurant in Yeoksam-dong, Seoul'.

The author said, '21 people had a dinner party, and they said that 1.86 million won came out.

Then, he said, "When we strongly said that we absolutely didn't eat, it seems that the order for another table was brought to a computer error," he said.

The repayment amount was 937,000 won, about half of the original amount.

When the controversy broke out, the restaurant franchise said, 'The payment system is not automatically linked with its own reservation program, so the counter manager sorts the reservation table every day. ', and apologized for making a big mistake without any excuses.

(Photo source: Blinds)