There was a report that the food service for the military base, which has caused controversy several times, has changed significantly recently.

On the plate, you can see food prepared in a variety of menus, including Korean, Chinese, and Western food.

From soup full of meat to cold soba noodles and dumplings, there are plenty of dishes.

On the same day (3rd), a photo of a unit meal sent by a soldier working in the 9th Division of the Army 1st Corps was released on SNS.

This soldier explained the reason for the report, saying, 'There is a lot of talk about poor food service these days, but the quality of the food service has improved greatly with the arrival of a new manager in our unit' and 'I want to brag to everyone'.

As the controversy over poor food service at the military base has arisen several times, positive responses from netizens have been pouring in, and comments such as 'It seems to come out better than company food' and 'Sorrying soldiers deserve this kind of food' followed. .

On the other hand, some pointed out such as 'Isn't it a show-off,' and 'General units still have problems with poor food service'.

(Picture source: Facebook 'Delivered on behalf of the Army Training Center')