The story of how a police officer who was on patrol came out on a round-trip seven-lane road to save a duck family from danger is known.

On the 4th, a video was uploaded on the official Facebook page of the National Police Agency, where the traffic police in Paju, Gyeonggi-do found a family of ducks that appeared on a round-trip 7-lane road and moved them to a safe place.

The police, who were patrolling the building, noticed something moving on the side of the road and stopped.

As the police got closer, they saw a family of lost ducks wandering on the road.

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Police pulled the duck family off the road, but only the mother duck went over the curb and the smaller ducklings could not.

The police eventually started moving the ducklings by hand one by one.

The ducks were panicked and ran away from the police, but the police rescued the last one and returned all seven chicks safely to the mother duck.

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Netizens who saw the video compared it with the recent 'Dobong-gu duck family stoning incident' and thanked the police officer in the video.

In the comments, "One side throws stones to annihilate the duck family, but on the other side they risk their lives because they fear they might get hurt", "You worked hard in the hot weather", "It's a different atmosphere from the river stoning villain a few days ago. Thank you. I do," and so on.

(Photo=Korea National Police Agency Facebook)