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It turned out to be Oh Taek-rim, the deputy mayor of Iksan, Jeollabuk-do, who had an argument with a taxi driver and made inappropriate remarks to a police officer who was dispatched. 

Deputy Mayor Oh caused a commotion with a taxi driver in front of an apartment complex in Iksan on the morning of the 1st, and the police were dispatched to the scene.

Deputy Mayor Oh revealed his identity to the police officer who was dispatched, saying, "I am the deputy mayor of Iksan, and I do not think I have done anything to be held accountable."

He continued, "Who is your chief? I'll call you," and even referred to the chief of police, yelling, causing a stir.

It is known that Deputy Mayor Oh had an argument with a taxi driver over wearing a mask while returning home after drinking alcohol at a dinner party with the staff.

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▲ Taek-rim Oh, Deputy Mayor of Iksan, Jeollabuk-do, apologizes for inappropriate words and actions

In this regard, Deputy Mayor Oh Taek-rim attended the inauguration press conference for the Mayor of Iksan on the 5th (today) and said, "Even if I was drunk, I did something I shouldn't do."

He also bowed his head and apologized, saying, "I apologize to the taxi driver and police officer, and I apologize to those who have been hurt by inappropriate behavior."

Meanwhile, the Jeollabuk-do Office of the Inspector General said that it will investigate whether Vice Mayor Oh has complied with the duty to maintain the dignity of a third-level public official and whether he has violated the provision of wearing a mask indoors.

Jeollabuk-do Governor Kim Gwan-young also requested for reinforcement of public service discipline, saying, "It is acceptable for public officials to make mistakes while working actively, but other than that, they have no right to make mistakes."

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