Our investigation confirmed that the police are currently investigating the former chief of the National Police Agency.

The charges of violating the Attorney Act were caught, and the former chief of the investigation, who was the subject of the investigation, explained that there were no illegalities with our reporters.

Reporter Sohn Ki-joon was the sole reporter.

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is a foreign law firm located in downtown Seoul.

It has been confirmed that the police are investigating the former police chief A, who has been working as an adviser here since April last year.

It is known that last year, during the process of handling the case, he was arrested and charged with violating the Attorney's Law.

A person who does not have a lawyer's license who handles legal affairs in a specific case in return for money or valuables may be punished by imprisonment with labor for not more than 7 years or by a fine of not more than 50 million won.

When suspicions about Mr. A were raised, the police assigned the case to the Serious Crime Investigation Division of the National Investigation Headquarters of the National Police Agency, which is in charge of special investigations, in May.

A police official said, "The leadership has determined that it is not appropriate to investigate on the front line."

Regarding this, Mr. A explained to SBS reporters, "I responded to advice on a case normally entrusted by a lawyer, and there were no illegalities."

He also explained, "I will actively cooperate with the investigation process in the future to make an apology."

When asked what kind of advice the reporter gave, he said, "When lawyers asked for opinions on the case or questions about the police investigation process, they just answered them."

The police plan to call Mr. A soon to investigate the allegations.

He also expressed his will to conduct the investigation more rigorously, as he was a former general.

(Video editing: Lee Seung-jin, CG: Seo Seung-hyun·Jung Hoe-yun, VJ: Lee Jun-young)