It is known that the deputy chief of the National Police Agency Yoon Hee-geun has been appointed to replace the chief of the National Police Agency, Kim Chang-ryong, to which President Yoon Seok-yeol has expressed his resignation.

The opposition from the Ministry of Public Administration and Security's move to control the police is getting stronger.

Reporter Suwon-wook is on the sidewalk.

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] It is known that Yoon Hee-geun, deputy chief of the National Police Agency, has been appointed as the new chief of the National Police Agency.

Deputy Director Yoon, from Cheongju, North Chungcheong Province, was commissioned as a lieutenant in 1991 as the 7th Police Academy.

He is counted as a representative 'informer' within the police, who served as the information manager of the Chungbuk Office and the foreign affairs department of the Seoul Office of public welfare.

He was promoted to Qi Stable for the first time in half a year since she was promoted to magistrate in December last year.

When deputy chief Yoon is appointed as the chief of the National Police Agency, he will go through three ranks in seven months as a police officer and rise to the rank of chief of police.

The National Police Commission to be held in the morning of the 5th will deliberate on the proposal for the appointment of the next police chief.

Although the National Assembly personnel hearing is a last-minute variable, it is possible to appoint the president without the consent of the National Assembly.

However, it seems that the actions after the appointment will not be easy.

This is because internal opposition is rising over the establishment of the police department, and the chaotic atmosphere of the organization has to be settled after Kim Chang-ryong, chief of the National Police Agency, resigned.

The key is how to read the internal public opinion that criticizes the leadership as 'powerless' every day.

A relay shaving ceremony was held today in front of the National Police Agency for the front-line police who oppose the establishment of the police department.

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[Public Gwan-ki/Chairman of Heungdeok-seo Workplace Council in Cheongju: As the Minister of Public Administration and Security directly controls the police, the police naturally take notice of the government.

There is a very high risk that the government will be affected by individual investigations.]

Starting tomorrow, in front of the Sejong City Office of Public Administration and Security, the president of the National Police Station Workers' Council will hold a relay shaving ceremony for three people every day.

(Video editing: Lee Seung-hee, VJ: Kim Jong-gap)