The second search term for clicking is "Double the cost of eating out?".

It has been claimed that customers who had dinner at a restaurant in Seoul inflated the payment amount to twice the actual price.

Office worker A revealed the receipt saying, "21 people ate at a dinner party, and it came out to 1.86 million won, so something was strange and I asked for details."

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The receipt included items that were not ordered, and the meat was stamped as eating more than what was actually ordered.

Mr. A pointed out that the amount was wrong, but the restaurant employee said, "Just a 14-person team ate 600,000 won worth," and treated Mr. A as a strange person.

After some time, he said it was a computer error and paid again, but the actual order amount was 937,000 won.

Person A said, "It was very unpleasant because there are many teams that eat out at company expense, not personal expense, so it seems like they're trying to openly blame themselves."

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After that, the store side released an apology on the official website saying, "It was a mistake that occurred in the group designation error."

Netizens responded, "I've been victimized too! Let's not do things that dishonor the self-employed."

(Screen source: Online community)