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number of new confirmed cases of Corona 19 was 6253, again below 10,000 in three days.

The quarantine authorities said that the trend of the decrease in the epidemic had reached its limit, and predicted that it would go back and forth between increasing and decreasing for the time being.

This is a report by reporter Kim Deok-hyun.


There were 6,253 new confirmed cases of Corona 19 yesterday (3rd).

It fell below 10,000 again in three days, down 3,800 from the previous day, but 2,800 more than a week ago.

As of Monday's announcement, it was the highest in six weeks since May 23.

One out of four domestic patients was a pediatric or adolescent patient under the age of 18, and the high-risk group over the age of 60 was 748, accounting for 12%.

The number of inbound cases, which has been increasing since the quarantine exemption for inbound travelers and the increase in international flights, recorded 164 yesterday, a triple-digit number for the ninth day in a row.

The number of new confirmed cases has steadily decreased since March, when the Omicron mutation peaked, and on the 29th of last month, it again rose to the 10,000 level.

The quarantine authorities explained that the decrease in the epidemic had reached a critical point,

[Park Hyang / Chief Quarantine Headquarters of the Central Accident Control Headquarters (last 1st): Increase in indoor activity and movement in summer, decrease in vaccination effect, change in composition ratio of detailed mutations, etc. We believe that this is the main cause.] We predicted that

this type of congestion would repeat for the time being.

There are 56 cases of severe serious illness and 4 deaths, and the cumulative number of deaths from COVID-19 so far is 24,574.