A story has been revealed that a child had stolen a bicycle given to him as a Children's Day gift and recovered it within two days with the help of the police.

On the 1st, on the Facebook page of the Korean National Police Agency, a video titled 'Someone stole the bicycle I received as a gift on Children's Day' was uploaded.

According to the video, a child came to the Nowon Police Station Danggogae Police Box at about 1 pm on May 12 to report theft of a bicycle.

The child stated that the bike was missing even though it was parked in a locked bike locker.

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The child who reported the theft cried, saying, "I got a bicycle as a gift for Children's Day," and police officers immediately went to the scene and searched the area.

Police officers analyzed CCTV around the bicycle storage area and caught a man dragging his bicycle.

And the next day, about 8 pm on May 13th, the control center agent found a man with a similar appearance to the criminal and immediately radioed the police box officers.

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A man stealing a bicycle caught on CCTV

When police officers searching nearby found the man and showed him a CCTV video of the crime, the man admitted his crime and immediately arrested him for theft.

The next day, a child who was contacted by the police came to the police box.

The police gave the bicycle back to the child who must have been upset because the Children's Day gift was stolen.

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Netizens who saw the video commented, "The child must have been very upset, but I'm glad I found the bike", "The country of Umbok-dong that steals bicycles even if they don't steal their wallets", "It's touching to see the police listening to young children" There were various reactions.

(Photo=Korea National Police Agency Facebook)