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A man in his 40s has been arrested for deliberately causing a car accident with a luxury foreign vehicle and stealing billions of dollars in insurance money. 

Seoul Yongsan Police Station announced today (4th) that it had arrested A (42) on charges of insurance fraud and fraud under the Special Act on Insurance Fraud Prevention.

Person A is charged with driving a motorcycle in the metropolitan area and Chungcheong Province, causing a traffic accident targeting a foreign vehicle that violates traffic laws, and deceiving the insurance company as if she was the victim of the accident. 

From July of last year to March of this year, Mr. A intentionally caused a total of 41 accidents, and it was investigated that he received 140 million won in insurance money through this. 

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In February, the police received a complaint from the insurance company to investigate whether the traffic accident related to Mr. A was intentional and started an investigation.

Afterwards, through the video analysis of the National Forensic Service, the history of Mr. A before and after the accident, and the history of insurance money usage, we discovered the circumstance that it was an intentional accident. 

A fled to Vietnam when the insurance company suspected an intentional accident, and it was understood that the insurance money received during that time was spent on internet gambling and local entertainment. 

On the 27th of last month, A, who returned to Korea after running out of funds to escape, was arrested by the police at a hiding place in Sadang-dong, Dongjak-gu, Seoul.

A police official said, "In addition to the 41 intentional accidents we have identified so far, the investigation is continuing with the possibility that there may be other crimes in mind," said a police official. Please ask for it,” he said.