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The court sentenced an executive to a victim association who stole a large amount of settlement money that victims of multi-level fraud should have received.

According to the legal community today (4th), the Seoul Central District Court Detective 1 (Chief Judge Kim Sang-il) sentenced A (61), who was charged with embezzlement in business, to three years in prison.

Person A is accused of embezzling a total of 550 million won in settlement money that should be paid to 105 victims of multi-level fraud between February and March 2018.

Previously, the victims invested about 1.2 billion won in company B, a multi-level company, but were not paid the principal and benefits.

Afterwards, the victims agreed to receive a refund of about 1.4 billion won from Company B in exchange for submitting a non-punishment agreement to the court. It was investigated that they even loaned them to them.

The court said, "I committed this kind of crime while taking responsibility for receiving the damage and returning it to the victims. He sentenced him to prison and explained the reasons for his sentencing.