▲ A (19) soldier stealing precious metals from a gold and silver room in downtown Gunsan around 3 a.m. on the 2nd.

A teenager who had been released from the juvenile detention center for only a month was caught by the police while stealing precious metals again.

Jeonbuk Gunsan Police Station announced today (4th) that they are investigating a 19-year-old soldier who is suspected of special theft.

Group A is accused of stealing precious metals worth 2.5 million won, including bracelets and rings, from a gold and silver room in Gunsan city at 3 a.m. on the 2nd.

As a result of the investigation, Army A broke the door of the gold and silver room with a blunt weapon prepared in advance, and in about a minute, stole the precious metal from the showcase and ran away.

It was revealed that group A planned the crime in advance, such as identifying the location of the crime and the route of escape before committing the crime.

Also, after committing the crime, in order to escape the police pursuit, he moved according to a thoroughly calculated plan, such as walking to a place about 2 km away from the crime scene and changing clothes in the bathroom.

After receiving a report from the owner of the victim and conducting an investigation, the police arrested Army A in a PC room in Gochang about 10 hours after the crime through CCTV analysis.

The police also confirmed that Army A stole 100 million won worth of money several times while traveling around Daejeon and Dangjin, Chungcheongnam-do.

Army A is said to have admitted to the crime, saying to the police, "I broke into a gold and silver room to raise money for living."

A police official said, "After it has been confirmed that similar crimes have been committed in other areas, we plan to apply for an arrest warrant and investigate the specific circumstances of the crime."

(Photo = provided by Jeonbuk National Police Agency, Yonhap News)